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Whether you need a lightweight vacuum for office stairways or the lobby, a wide cleaning path for aisles, or a low-profile upright to clean under desks and furniture, there’s a Tennant vacuum to help you keep your facility looking its best. Choose from our comprehensive selection of professional grade upright, backpack and canister industrial vacuum cleaners. In addition to manufacturing top-tier machines and pioneering cleaning innovations, Tennant is your trusted partner for parts, supplies and service.

V-BP-6 / V-BP-6B / V-BP-10 Backpack Vacuums
V-BP-6 / V-BP-6B / V-BP-10Backpack Vacuums
Increase efficiency and improve operator comfort with backpack vacuums that includes an adjustable harness and HEPA filtration. Choose the lithium-ion battery-powered V-BP-6B and get up to 55 minutes of runtime.

V-LWU-13 / V-LWU-13B Lightweight Upright Vacuum
V-LWU-13 / V-LWU-13BLightweight Upright Vacuum
Powerfully clean a variety of floor types without fatiguing operators using Tennant’s lightweight, upright vacuums. Increase productivity with up to 50 minutes of runtime when you select the lithium-ion battery-powered V-LWU-13B.

V3e Dry Canister Vacuum
V3eDry Canister Vacuum
Quietly clean small carpeted areas and hard floor surfaces quickly and easily with three-stage HEPA filtration.
V6 Dry Canister Vacuum
V6Dry Canister Vacuum
Ultra quiet, durable and easy to use on carpet and hard flooring. Comes with standard HEPA filtration; has a 6-quart capacity.

V-WA-26 Wide Area Upright Vacuum
V-WA-26Wide Area Upright Vacuum
Extra-large vacuum head cleans a wide 26-inch path while the powerful dual-motor system agitates and lifts debris for a deep clean.

V-HDU-14 Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum
V-HDU-14Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum
Cleans tight areas and hallways and endures strenuous use in meeting rooms and lobbies. It’s a robust upright machine with a variety of attachments.

V-DMU-14 Dual Motor Upright Vacuum
V-DMU-14Dual Motor Upright Vacuum
The powerful brush spins faster for better carpet agitation and dirt pick up with this LEED® qualifying, CRI SOA Silver performance vacuum.

V-SMU-14 Single Motor Upright Vacuum
V-SMU-14Single Motor Upright Vacuum
An affordable single motor vacuum that uses less energy; includes onboard crevice and upholstery tools.

V-WA-30 Wide Area Vacuum
V-WA-30Wide Area Vacuum
Large wheels and a U-shaped handle makes it easier for users to maneuver this 30-inch wide vacuum with maximum productivity.

V-WD-15 / V-WD-15S / V-WD-16P / V-WD-16B Wet / Dry Vacuums
V-WD-15 / V-WD-15S / V-WD-16P / V-WD-16BWet / Dry Vacuums
Rugged enough to collect dust, sand and liquids; choose from standard, battery-powered or pump-out models.