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Specialty Cleaning Equipment

Conveniently clean almost anywhere with specialty cleaning machines engineered by Tennant for dependability. Choose an industrial blower fan, an all-surface cleaning machine or a multi-surface cleaning machine to complement your commercial cleaning program.

Air Mover Commercial Dryer
Commercial Dryer
Air Mover
Dry surfaces faster with an air-mover known for its durability and efficiency. Choose from three positions and three speeds so the commercial dryer / air mover can quickly dry carpet, hard floors, fresh paint, concrete sealer and more.

ASC-15 All-Surface Cleaning Machine
ASC-15All-Surface Cleaning Machine
Cleans and rinses restrooms and other hard surfaces then recovers the dirty water as it blows surfaces dry.

Q12 Multi-Surface Cleaning Machine
Q12Multi-Surface Cleaning Machine
Restoratively cleans hard-floor surfaces, including tile with grout lines, using adjustable pressure and powerful, dual-rotating jets.

Transport Carts Orbio Solution Transport Carts
Transport CartsOrbio Solution Transport Carts
Moves large amounts of ready-to-use MultiSurface Cleaner to cleaning stations throughout a large facility or campus.

Orbio os3 Compact On-Site Cleaning Solution Generator
Orbio os3Compact On-Site Cleaning Solution Generator
Generates cleaning and disinfecting/sanitizing solutions on-site using water, electricity and standard water softener salt pellets.

Orbio 5000-Sc On-Site Cleaning Solution Generator
Orbio 5000-ScOn-Site Cleaning Solution Generator
Electrically activated water system generates MultiSurface Cleaner on site. Use it as carpet pre-spray, extractor solution and hard surface cleaning.

Auxiliary Tanks Orbio 5000-Sc Auxiliary Tanks
Orbio 5000-Sc Auxiliary Tanks
Auxiliary Tanks
Stores MultiSurface Cleaner for high-usage times when demand exceeds standard tank capacity.