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EHS Today reports that OSHA Can Look Back Beyond 5 Years for Repeat Violations! Read More. Help your team members stay OSHA compliant by providing them with the right training

According to IMPO,
the odds of accidentally dying from a work-related accident is getting
worse… Read More! Keep your team safe by enrolling them in Forklift Operator Training. 

Control and Limit Workers Compensation Costs! 
Many employers look at the costs of the workers compensation insurance as an unavoidable expense over which they have little or no control…Read More!

3 Ways to Avoid Increase OSHA Fines! With OSHA’s near-80 percent fine increase going in to effect, and its more rigorous inspections process, it could be even more crippling to try to stay up to code… Read More!

Attorney Joseph P. Paranac Jr. Talks OSHA Changes: Stepped Up Inspections, Bigger Penalties Recent changes in OSHA rules and regulations will affect chemical companies and countless employers of all sizes Read More!

A Shocking Experience – Risks Involved When Renting An Aerial Working Platform The precautions that a reputable AWP dealer will take, prior to renting a unit, that will keep the operator safe and relieve the dealer of liability in the event of an accident during the rental period. Read More!

A Hazard Alert Was Issued By OSHA After 20 Fatalities Were Reported, From Scissor Lifts Alone, During The First Quarter Of The Year. Protect your employees with the proper fall protection equipment! Read More!

Protecting Customers With PPE Keep your rental business and rental customers out of harm’s way with Personal Protection Equipment…Read More!


Focus Safety…Past, Present, and Future If a forklift driver who retired 20 years ago came back to work in a warehouse or DC today, he or she would be surprised by how much lift trucks have changed. Read More!



Focus on Forklift Safety DC Velocity talks with National Forklift Safety Day 2016 Chair Jim Radous about the goals of the third annual safety-focused event sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association. Read More!


T.I.P.s – Hazard Alert! Working Safely With Scissor Lifts Scissor lifts provide a safe and reliable platform for workers to perform job tasks when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions…Read More!


T.I.P.s – Georgia Manufacturer Cited By Labor Department’s OSHA 16 safety and health violations; More than $52,000 in proposed fines. Read More!


T.I.P.s – OSHA’s Top 10 Violations For 2015. Find out where safety in the Fork Lift industry stands in the world of OSHA, and how far it is has improved! Read More!

T.I.P.s – Are Your Forks OSHA Compliant? Areas to inspect to make sure your forks are in perfect working order. Read More!

  Toyota Safety Article – 5 Reasons to Have a Site Safety Assessment  Workplace safety is important, but it is often unintentionally overlooked… Read More!
 Toyota Safety Article – Forklift Safety: How To Prevent Common Forklift Accidents. The first step in addressing forklift safety is recognizing where and why accidents most frequently occur and how to prevent them… Read More!

T.I.P.s – Are Your Chains OSHA Compliant? Signs that it may be time for a new chain on your Fork Lift. Read More!