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Southern States Toyotalift – Extra Care

Since August 2011, Southern States Toyotalift Extra Care service technicians have been performing Planned Maintenance for a manufactured lumber company in the Valdosta, GA area.

After approximately one year of Planned Maintenance service with Southern States, the customer began to question whether the overall cost of Planned Maintenance with Southern States as their current service provider was in the company’s best financial interest.

In September 2013, OSHA paid a surprise visit to the lumber company. During their visit, they spent nine hours inspecting every forklift that they company has at their location, putting the quality of Southern States’ service to the test.

The day after OSHA’s visit, the plant manager called our Valdosta branch to personally thank us for our wonderful work ethic and attention to detail, which prevented the company from having thousands of dollars in potential OSHA fines and violations. The cost/value analysis was over, and the manufactured lumber company chose to stay with Southern States Toyotalift as their sole Extra Care Planned Maintenance service provider.

This is a PRIME EXAMPLE of what GOING THE EXTRA MILE is all about!

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